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life is coming at me way too fast. In the nest week:

Finish cleaning
moving out of my apartment
clean out my office
take my final final exam
make nice with the grandparents
turn in corrections on project
Portfolio review
entertain family/grandparents

I'm tired just thinking about it

Jul. 11th, 2009

my day was a complete disaster, but hey at least I have a working computer (sorta, kinda, not so much maybe) and I out smarted the geek squad...


I never thought this day would come...I played WOW today. My brother got me a subscription for 3 months. Like I need another way to procrastinate...

RIP Uncle Jim

My Uncle Jim passed away yesterday morning. He had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 5 weeks earlier. I can't believe it. I didn't even know he was sick. RIP Uncle Jim.

oh the possibilities

I could seriously spend an obscene amount of money on shoes right now. But I won't, because I'm "responsible" like that. ;)

I'm also broke, but I prefer the responsible excuse. It just sounds better!

Best of both worlds?

I love Jamie Bamber. I love British accents. I love law and order.

Jamie bamber + accents + law and order = Law & Order UK!

Apparently they've already started showing episodes. I'll let you know if its any good after I watch the available ones online! It's sad but I'm ridiculously excited about this.


Guess what? It's mardi gras/shrove tuesday. Do you know what that means? It's pancake day! I'm totally making pancakes when I get home from school!


odd length shorts + long coat + leggings one size too small + uggs = bad fashion choice.

life, or lack there of

I didn't realize how little of a life I had until a minute ago. It almost midnight on friday night, the night before v-day and I'm answering my students' e-mails. I need to get out of this black hole!

isn't it amazing?

Isn't it amazing how busy and lonely I am all at the same time. It takes talent I swear. And this year there's no disney world to look forward to for spring break...just writing a 30 page research paper.

On another note: What's with the 25 things about me meme floating around? Seriously! I don't even want to know 25 facts about me, let alone 97% of my facebook friends.